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What are the benefits of buying a new home with a flex room?

From work schedules to travel plans, these days flexibility is the name of the game.  That’s why savvy shoppers are on the lookout for new homes with resourceful flex rooms that will pay off in a big way over time.

What is a flex room?

Aptly named, a flex room is exactly that: it is a bonus room in the house that can adapt to serve a variety of functions. One resident may use it as a study, while another envisions a guest room or music studio.  A flex room is a chameleon, taking on the homeowner’s character, shape, and personality.

What are the benefits of a flex room?

As you can imagine, a flex room offers many benefits, including the ability to evolve with your family’s needs, the capacity for additional storage, and the potential to enhance your home’s overall value. The bottom line? This additional space provides endless opportunities to personalize your home in the way that works best for you.

A space to evolve as your family’s needs change.

When you first move into your new home, the road ahead is an open book.  As the pages unfold, you may decide to start your own business from a home-based office or host out-of-town guests on a regular basis.  After a few years roll by, your growing teens may yearn for extra space to gather with friends. Later, you may provide in-home care for an aging parent in time of need. And, as we know too well, an unforeseen global event could require everyone in the family to attend work and school virtually. In each one of these instances—and a multitude more—having some extra bonus space in your home makes life a bit easier to navigate. Enter the flex room.

A flex room expands your storage capabilities.

If we’re being honest, no one ever has enough storage.  It seems like we are always accumulating more stuff—and wondering where to put it all. A flex room can give you that extra closet for seasonal coats or offer ample space for family heirlooms.  It can house shelves of beloved collections or be your favorite place to stow travel and sports gear. No matter how much stuff you have, a flex room allows you to free up space in your main living areas by housing things you don’t use every day.

A flex room enhances your home’s overall value.

When today’s home shoppers are touring listings, sometimes everything blends together in cookie-cutter fashion. Having a flex room can allow your home to stand apart from the rest, demonstrating value to potential buyers. While a three-bedroom home sounds great, a three-bedroom home with the added bonus of a versatile room might be the winning combination to entice a potential buyer to sign on the bottom line.

How can I make the most of my extra space?

To make the most of your flex space, start by thinking about your current lifestyle.  Do you like to entertain guests? If so, you may choose to convert the space to a guest room suite.  Are you planning to open your own business? Outfit your flex room as a study, and even if you don’t start a business right away, it may be a useful place for the kids to do homework.  A flex room may also serve multiple purposes; a sewing nook might be incorporated into a space often used as a sleeping area for occasional guests.  Regardless of your plans, keep the backgrounds neutral so you can easily change the room’s character over time.

Which home builders offer flex rooms?

As we reviewed builders in the southwest area, Hakes Brothers stood out as an innovator that offers a variety of floorplans with valuable flex room spaces.  Many of these homes give you the opportunity to convert your flex room to a study or 4th bedroom during the homebuying process, allowing you to plan for future change at the time of contract. In addition to offering flexible room options, this regional builder is known for functional floor plans, exceptional home quality, and personalized follow-up service.  To learn more about their home designs that feature flex rooms or any other standard features or options, contact Hakes Brothers

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