PRMI and Hakes Brothers Partnership

Hakes Brothers has partnered with Primary Residential Mortgage Inc., on a new initiative to foster the local bilingual community.

Regional Albuquerque home builder partners with a preferred bilingual mortgage lender for bilingual-driven initiative.

Albuquerque, NM – Since 2006, Hakes Brothers has helped over 4,000 families find a home to call their own. Throughout this time, the home builder has established solid foundations with homebuyers by providing exceptional customer service and effective communication. Hakes Brothers understands that collaborative communication is key when building high-quality homes and they want to ensure that all homebuyers feel at ease during the purchasing process of their home-buying journey.

“Hakes Brothers is committed to offering a higher level of service—and our newest bilingual initiative is a testament to that. We’re proud to adapt to the demands of our community and, alongside PRMI, lead New Mexico’s new-home industry in effectively meeting the needs of bilingual home buyers.”Adrianna Kierstead, Marketing Coordinator of Hakes Brothers Albuquerque Division.

Primary Residential Mortgage Inc. is dedicated to ensuring that each customer has a comfortable and transparent experience. Their local home originators provide a simple and convenient mortgage process to help clients find the right mortgage loan. Their intricate focus hones in on the details so that customers can focus on what matters most, and that is, finding the perfect home.

We are excited to partner with one of New Mexico’s strongest builders to serve our Spanish-speaking and bilingual community. Buying a home is such an impactful part of people’s lives, and we are honored to provide this new level of service.” – Maria Jose Ramos, Loan Originator at Primary Residential Mortgage Inc.

Hakes Brothers now serves ten communities throughout Albuquerque and its surrounding areas, including Rancho and Los Lunas.

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