El Caldito Soup Kitchen volunteers

Feature: Las Cruces homebuilder donates $18,000 to three local nonprofits

Hakes Brothers, a regional homebuilder headquartered in Las Cruces, has donated $18,000 to three local nonprofits: El Caldito Soup Kitchen, Las Cruces Gospel Rescue Mission, Inc. and La Casa, Inc., a domestic violence shelter.

“Since the COVID-19 pandemic, El Caldito has had to change the way we run the organization,” said El Caldito Volunteer Coordinator/Kitchen Manager Diane D’Ambrosio. “Donations like this ensure we can purchase items we do not normally buy, such as face masks, Styrofoam to-go containers and bottled water. We are so grateful for every donation we receive and are amazed every day by the generosity of the businesses and individuals in our community. These donations make it possible for us to focus on our mission to feed those who are food insecure.”

Driven by a mission to provide a healthy meal each day in a safe and clean environment for any person who is hungry, El Caldito Soup Kitchen has been serving the Las Cruces community for 36 years. The organization provides 85,000 meals to the community annually, funded predominantly through donations. While the kitchen’s thrift store revenue covers some operational costs, it is donations from the community that provide most of what is required to help those in need.

“As a homebuilder, we believe in doing our part to build up communities and assist in providing a positive impact,” Hakes Brothers President Kimball Hakes said. “The work that these organizations are doing to provide food, shelter and therapy to those in need is truly outstanding.”

Read the full article online at Las Cruces Bulletin.

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