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Why El Paso ranks as one of the top places for veterans to live

Wondering why the El Paso community is one of the best place for a veteran to live in? Here’s a recap of the key dimensions that add up to favorable conditions for military families in El Paso.

In a 2020 analysis that evaluated the most populated U.S. metropolitan areas, Veterans United Home Loans ranked El Paso #7 among the best cities for veterans to call home. Many other studies, such as WalletHub’s annual review of the nation’s 100 largest cities, provide additional support for El Paso’s strong standing among the best places for veterans to live. These rankings are valuable tools for helping over 19 million veterans across the United States evaluate the best options for a prosperous future as they consider their home choices. 

Top 5 reasons why El Paso is The Best Place For A Veteran To Live

El Paso offers quality of life benefits for veterans.

When it comes down to it, the ease of our daily lives makes a difference. A stress-free lifestyle is especially important for veterans who may be dealing with health issues, economic challenges, or the void created by family members on active duty.  The recent study by Veterans United Home Loans that ranked El Paso among the top cities for veterans was based on 21 key metrics related to education, employment, crime rates, economic issues, and access to benefits. In addition to identifying a variety of health facilities and benefit centers for veterans in El Paso, the study reported a cost of living index of 81.4 along with a median home price of $130,700.  As a result of these quality of life issues, many military families are realizing that now is the perfect time to purchase a home in El Paso.

El Paso offers an affordable lifestyle for veterans.

When it comes to a rewarding quality of life, affordability is a key component. Strong economic factors, a growing employment market, and access to effective hiring programs for top-paying jobs are important drivers for military personnel who are transitioning from active duty to civilian living.

El Paso ranked #4 in the 2020 Forbes study that evaluated the most affordable places for veterans to live.  In particular, the analysis cited El Paso’s standing as an outdoor adventure destination, an interstate transportation and economic center, and a proponent of favorable conditions for small businesses. With a veteran population that exceeds 44,000, many military families are already discovering that El Paso is an affordable place to live and find gainful employment.

Top organizations in El Paso provide important services for veterans.

Thanks to El Paso’s strong network of organizations that provide special services and programs designed especially for veterans, the city makes it easy for veterans to engage with each other and the military affairs liaisons that can provide assistance.  El Paso features local chapters of effective groups such as the American Legion, the Association of the United States Army (AUSA), Disabled American Veterans (DAV), the Marine Corps League, and many more.  These organizations offer an availability of veterans affairs benefits specifically designed to offer the greatest impact in areas such as economic wellness, career advancement, VA health facilities, and housing assistance.

Veterans enjoy the sunshine and great outdoors in El Paso.

Averaging over 300 sunny days each year, El Paso offers a bright daily outlook for today’s veterans.  In El Paso, military families have easy access to outdoor adventures that include hiking in the Franklin Mountains, exploring the Aztec Caves, trekking the River Park Trail along the Rio Grande, and learning about the area’s rich culture.  In addition, the city’s vibrant downtown scene offers a variety of dining and entertainment options.

El Paso offers exceptional home options and services for veterans.

Whether they were stationed at Fort Bliss or migrated to the area from other locales, thousands of military families have already discovered the benefits of living in El Paso.  In addition to the long-established Federal VA loan programs and organizations focused on housing assistance for veterans, the city offers a First Time Homebuer Program that provides 0% – 3% deferred loans for eligible applicants.  

Top regional builders such as Hakes Brothers offer a variety of new home communities in El Paso with special appeal for today’s military buyers.  In addition to assisting buyers with their home selection needs, the experienced Hakes Brothers sales team streamlines the process by providing guidance about home loans, moving services, and even tips for maintaining your residence once you move in.

Numbers don’t lie. When you look at the rankings and compare the quality of life, it’s easy to see that El Paso is one of the best places for today’s veterans to live. But don’t just take our word for it. Over 44,000 military families have already discovered the benefits of living in El Paso. Why not join them?

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