San Antonio, Texas, USA

5 Reasons to Buy a Home in San Antonio

Thinking of moving to San Antonio?  Smart choice.  Not only will you enjoy gorgeous weather and plentiful amenities, you’ll discover economic benefits that make it easier to do the things you love.  Whether you’re looking for an investment property or a year-round residence, here are five good reasons to find your new home purchase in one of our popular San Antonio communities and school districts. 

San Antonio weather conditions will make you smile.

It’s no secret that the best destinations are characterized by weather that aims to please. Throughout the year, the temperature in San Antonio ranges from 43˚F to a sunny 96˚F—and it rarely gets below 31˚F or above 101˚F—making this the perfect home base for residents who enjoy outdoor activities.  After a few days of relaxing by the pool, exploring downtown San Antonio, or tubing along scenic rivers, you’ll see why the enviable weather makes San Antonio a top choice for home purchasers, bargain renters, real estate investors, and those in search of desirable rental properties.

You’ll find plenty of things to do in San Antonio 

With such ideal weather, the hardest decision will be how to spend your days in downtown San Antonio and its unique surroundings. If theme parks or local attractions are your thing, San Antonio does not disappoint. Get the fun started at Sea World or Six Flags – Fiesta Texas, tour the world-famous Alamo, or linger along the picturesque River Walk.

When you’re in the mood for an authentic Texas experience, San Antonio offers a variety of entertainment venues for people of all ages. Be sure to check out Pearl, a vibrant district featuring over 15 independent retailers and 19 chef-owned and operated restaurants that grew from an innovative revitalization of the historic Pearl Brewery.  With a thriving scene of shops, eateries, artisan boutiques, and a farmers market, millennials and baby boomers alike flock to this eclectic area that honors San Antonio’s rich history and diverse culture.

San Antonio’s job market ranks among the top in the USA.

With a 10-year job growth of 18.3%, San Antonio has been a consistent leader in career advancement, especially in the flourishing tech industry. In fact, reports show that San Antonio’s tech job postings rose more than any other city in the U.S. from August to September, 2020.  This activity is supported by strong salaries that rank San Antonio 6th among the nation’s top metropolitan cities for the thriving tech sector.  When you combine climate conditions with recreational activities and stellar job opportunities, this booming city is the perfect destination for college graduates in search of a prosperous new beginning.  

San Antonio’s cost of living makes life more affordable .

More and more each day, families are discovering the benefits of San Antonio’s favorable housing market and thriving local economy. Compared with the rest of Texas and the country as a whole, the cost of living in San Antonio is relatively low, with prices for necessities and services such as mortgage payments, property taxes, housing rent, utilities, groceries, and healthcare all coming in under the national average. San Antonio’s housing cost differential is the most significant—at 24% below the national average—making the oldest city in Texas a cost-effective place to establish roots.   

The availability of move-in ready homes allows San Antonio buyers to take advantage of housing market benefits. 

Given the appealing weather conditions, attractive amenities, home prices and prosperous economy, it is no surprise that housing demand in San Antonio is high. To accommodate this active San Antonio real estate market, leading San Antonio home builders such as Hakes Brothers are offering quick move-in homes that make it easy for new potential homebuyers to relocate.  These programs allow home purchasers to take advantage of attractive list prices, fixed rate mortgage, and low interest rates while still enjoying the benefits of customized features and comprehensive home warranties. 

Homeowners take advantage of low 30-year mortgage interest rates and tax deductions. Put down a larger down payment and don’t be at the mercy of your landlord lease, gain stability with a long term home equity loan.

If you’re ready to begin your housing search, you’ll soon discover that San Antonio is a metropolitan gem loaded with local benefits and down-to-earth charm. It’s a melting pot of families from all walks of life working in a variety of industries amid a landscape of economic and recreational opportunities. Most importantly, San Antonio has a neighborhood for everyone. Whether you choose to live in downtown San Antonio, Alamo Heights, or an emerging community such as Seguin, you’ll feel right at home in San Antonio.  

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