Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

Thinking about visiting Albuquerque in the fall?

With crisp days and vibrant festivals, there’s no better time to visit The Duke City.

Discover more to do this fall in Albuquerque.

Fall in Albuquerque means inspiring festivals, bountiful food, and striking vistas. Affectionately known as The Duke City, this popular year-round destination comes alive in the temperate autumn atmosphere. For starters, the cottonwoods along the Rio Grande put on a dramatic show of yellow fall foliage, energized by cooler mornings and sun-streaked afternoons. Not to be outdone, colorful aspens glitter against stunning mountain backdrops. From September to November, this is the time of year when even the most routine errand run is elevated, thanks to the vivid views you’re treated to along the way. If the city of Albuquerque is among your travel destinations this autumn, get ready for balloon marvels, beer fests, pumpkin patches, and so much more!

Add a hot air ballooning adventure to your bucket list this fall in Albuquerque.  

During fall in Albuquerque, the only spectacle that comes close to competing with nature’s own colorful show is the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta®, held this year from October 1-9.  Throughout the event, visitors can enjoy local music, taste authentic Southwest cuisine, and gaze into balloon-filled skies that accentuate the one-of-a-kind New Mexico landscape. It’s easy to see why this effervescent experience has earned Albuquerque its reputation as the hot air ballooning capital of the world. Ready for the experience of a lifetime?  Book your own hot air ballooning adventure.

Celebrate fall in Albuquerque with harvest festivals and New Mexico favorites.

Held this year on October 1st, the New Mexico Brew Fest is a fun way to kickoff the Balloon Fiesta week with craft beer enthusiasts and music aficionados from around the country. An Albuquerque favorite, this event features live music, food truck treats–including local green chile – and, of course, the area’s finest beer selections. Gather your friends and join other thirsty craft beer-lovers for one of the best fall weekends in Albuquerque.

For family fun, expand your adventure with a visit to the Harvest Festival, held at the Botanic Garden in Albuquerque on October 1st and 2nd.  Explore the BioPark and celebrate autumn’s bounty with music, food, and surprises that will have everyone smiling.  In addition to the harvest festival, fall in Albuquerque offers a wonderland of corn mazes, pumpkin patches, and autumn adventures that will keep the kids busy for hours on end.  

See how Albuquerque’s museums and galleries bring New Mexico culture to life. 

Want to duck inside for a few hours?  Spend the afternoon getting to know New Mexico better at one of the many museums dedicated to its  history, Southwest treasures, and more. From ancient fossil discoveries to revolutionary computer inventions, the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science uncovers Albuquerque’s role in these fields of discovery — including an entire exhibit devoted exclusively to chocolate! If you have kids in the group, follow up this visit with a journey through 250 interactive displays and activities at the Explora Science Center and Children’s Museum of Albuquerque. Learning has never been more fun! Want to dig deeper into New Mexico’s culture, museums, and art galleries? Check out this complete list for all the details.

Embark on your favorite outdoor adventures in Albuquerque.

Albuquerque is known for azure autumn skies and seasonal weather, making this the perfect time to hit the golf course or enjoy your choice of unique al fresco activities. Hike through a landscape of spectacular mountain views or wind your way along riverside paths.  Live like a local and bike to the Harvest Festival or other fall attractions using this handy Bike Path Map as a guide. Pack a picnic, gather the family, and turn any bike ride into a day-long adventure.  

Now that you’ve experienced Albuquerque in fall, why not make this a year-round adventure?  

Sometimes all it takes is one visit to Albuquerque in the fall to get you hooked.  So, why just visit when you could live here?  If you’re interested in making Albuquerque your year-round home, do some research, talk to people who live in the area, and connect with a trusted builder such as Hakes Brothers.  Known for innovative designs, high-quality construction, and exceptional service, this is a hometown company that understands the Albuquerque market. With more choices, functional features, and exciting opportunities for customization, the team at Hakes Brothers will work with you to understand your needs and ensure that you get the most from your investment.

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