Quick Move-in Home

Choosing a quick move-in home can save time, money, and stress.

Are you house hunting and wondering if a quick-move-in home could be right for you? As the market continues to fluctuate, savvy buyers in El Paso, Albuquerque, San Antonio, and Las Cruces are discovering that quick move-in homes provide immediate access to a variety of advantages.  

What is a quick move-in home?

Perfectly named, a quick move-in home is just as it sounds; it’s a home that’s built and ready to occupy on short notice.  Yet, unlike resale homes for sale that are also readily available, a quick move-in is a brand-new home – meaning you’ll be the first owner – and it provides builder benefits such as lending assistance, warranty service, and more. 

If we’ve piqued your interest, here’s a list of compelling reasons to forgo the months-long building process and choosing a quick move-in home.

Experience less uncertainty with interest rates and mortgage issues.

It’s no secret that interest rates have been inching upward and mortgage issues have become increasingly complicated. Buying a quick move-in home is the perfect way to get a jump on the market and take advantage of mortgage interest rates before increases continue.  As financial experts at Investopedia explain, even a slight uptick in rates can decrease your purchasing power by thousands of dollars.  Buying a quick move-in home gives you the opportunity to take advantage of current rates and begin enjoying your home sooner. 

Enjoy shorter wait periods and easier relocation.  

If you need to move now, it’s nice to have a home that’s ready when you are.  A quick move-in allows you to hit the ground running when you already sold your home or are relocating to a new area. By offering a wide variety of quick move-in homes, Hakes Brothers makes it easy to find the style and price range that works best for you. And you’ll enjoy the benefits of a new home without the added expenses of sending your stuff to storage and staying in a rental while you wait for a longer build process.  

Know exactly what you’re buying and see the house before you move in.

Instead of waiting for months to build a new construction home and trying to envision the final outcome, a quick move-in gives you the opportunity to explore the actual floor plan before you buy.  And, since the selections in each quick move-in home are chosen by the professional design team at Hakes Brothers, we provide stylish spaces with well-coordinated features. In addition, many of our quick move-in homes offer flex rooms that easily adapt to your family’s unique needs.  

Receive high-quality customer service and quality standards, affordable sales prices, and exceptional in-house warranty assurances from Hakes Brothers.

To help you navigate the home purchase process, we partner with leading lenders that provide a high level of inclusive services for all buyers. In addition, every home built by Hakes Brothers comes with our comprehensive in-house warranty, and we never outsource our exceptional customer service to a third-party company. So, whether you purchase a quick move-in home or a to-be-built residence, you can expect the same professional experience from our team.  

Reduce stress while saving time, gas, and money by letting our experienced sales team do the legwork.

Hakes Brothers makes it easy for potential homebuyers to tour a wide variety of newly built homes in El Paso, Albuquerque, San Antonio, and Las Cruces.  Our sales professionals will listen to your needs and find the home that’s right for you – in your preferred location and community. Insider tip: be sure to explore affordability benefits in El Paso, a wide range of inspiring family activities available in Albuquerque, what makes San Antonio a good investment, and helpful details about moving to Las Cruces.

Enjoy the life you imagined—without the wait.

In addition to establishing credit and looking forward to potential tax deductions, perhaps the biggest benefit in buying a home is the comfort of settling into a unique address you can call your own. If you’re planning to move, chances are you have been collecting ideas, packing things you’ll need, and building a mental image of your new space. Instead of waiting to put all those thoughts and collections to good use, why not start enjoying your new space now?  

Ready to begin enjoying a new home and reaping the benefits?  Shorten your path to all these advantages by choosing a quick move-in home.

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